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A Photo Booth is a great way to capture memories on your special day. If you’re planning a wedding, this type of photoshoot can be an especially fun addition to the evening’s entertainment. But how much does it cost to hire a Photo Booth in Melbourne? And what should you know about different types of photo booths before booking one for your event?

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about a photo booth hire in Melbourne below!

Photo Booth hire in Melbourne | Front Row Entertainment

Photo booths make the perfect addition to any event but, ‘The Photo Booth’ is one of our absolute favourite modern wedding customs. I mean, who hasn’t awoken the morning after a wedding, rolled over, and admired the photos from the night before filled with friends and relatives’ smiles?

The good news is that there are loads of new and exciting types of photo booths available for hire in Melbourne, some that print photo strips or singles, others that send or text digital photos to your guests right away, and still others that make GIFs and slow-motion videos! We also appreciate how wedding photo booths serve as both an interesting activity for visitors as well as a take home souvenir.

The right one for your event

There are two primary sorts of photo booth setups available to hire: enclosed and open. Within these selections, there are several sub categories based on design and one’s preference.


Enclosed photo booths generally have coverings, walls, panels, or a combination to conceal their users from prying eyes while they take pictures. Enclosed photo booths are available in a range of sizes and materials and can accommodate between two and sixteen people.


Open photo booths are exactly as the name implies; they’re available to public view. Open photo booths for hire, like enclosed ones, come in a variety of designs but tend to accommodate more people than closed photo booths. They also allow spectators to see, which may create a fun ambiance – great for entertainment.

The Old-School Photo Booth

This is the standard mall photo booth, in which guests must sit in a booth and make a variety of funny faces before receiving a photograph of their hilarious activities. It’s always amusing to see so many people cram into a wedding photo booth—the photos will be unforgettable! This is a classic hit for photobooth hires in Melbourne.

GIF-Maker Photo Booth

Renting a photo booth business that allows your guests to produce animated GIFs they can easily share on social media is the next level of creativity. Who needs movie and TV show reaction shots when you can make them with your friends IRL? Definitely one of the most unique types of photo booths available!

Slow-Motion Video Photo Booth

Do you want to guarantee that your guests have a lot of cheek dimples from grinning at your wedding? Consider renting a slow-motion video booth so that your visitors may make short movies in hyper-slow motion. The outcomes are always amusing, regardless of what happens in the booth.

Green Screen Photo Booth

With a green screen photo booth for your wedding, you and your guests may explore far-flung locations — without ever leaving your wedding site. Your friends will be delighted to discover that they can add whatever they want in the backgrounds of their photographs, ensuring a fun moment during the shoot.


This kind of “photo booth” doesn’t actually require a booth at all — its more of a mobile cut-out. This personalised selfie frame is sure to have your guests snapping every chance they get !


Organising any event can get overwhelming and pricey, that’s why it is important to know your options before making your final decision. The best Photo booth hire Melbourne will not leave you broke, but instead leave you a lifetime of memories shared between you and your loved ones.

Pricing for wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne can vary in price depending on the company, what is included and the biggest factor… TIME.

Many photo booth hires in Melbourne companies offer rates at an hourly rate as well as inclusive packages. A photo booth for hire as a package averages at around $350 to $950 depending on what is included in the service.

What to expect


What is there to like about posing in front of the camera that isn’t already? Posing with humorous props that will bring on laughter until your stomach hurts! A good company will have a large variety of accessories, wigs, signs, and other interesting objects that you may utilize in your photos.


Although memories may fade over time, photo strips can last a lifetime. Which is why your photo strip should be nothing less than perfect. You should have a variety of styles to choose from to suit your theme.


A nice way to spice things up is providing a huge number of backdrops for your event. After all, who can resist a photo with an interesting setting? Our team of specialists will select the ideal backdrop to go with your photo strip; we know you and your guests will appreciate every minute of it.


Your cheerful photo booth attendant will make sure that the photo booth is working properly and that guests are informed of its operation. They will also ensure that the picture book is being fully utilized by placing guest duplicate photos and encouraging them to write you a personalized message. If you have any questions on the night, your assistant may help you with their vast expertise.


And most importantly…
Ensure that whatever photo booth hire you opt for includes unlimited prints, meaning that there’s no limit to the crazy fun you and your loved ones can get up to!

We hope this guide on photo booth hires in Melbourne has given you an insight on what you should expect when hiring a photo booth for your next event. We want nothing more for you, than to create awesome memories on your big day !