The world’s biggest jumping castle came to town for some good old-fashioned fun!

This one was not just for the little kids, but the big kids too.

Front Row Entertainment followed the Big Bounce around Australia while they entertained families and friends all Summer long.

This is NOT your typical bounce house!
Covering an area of just over 13,000 square foot and towering 32ft from the ground to the tip of our candy-coloured turrets they’ve worked hard to ensure there is never a dull moment in this, the World’s Biggest Bounce House.

They’ve created a crazy inflatable landscape filled with some of the most amazing, completely customised attractions you’ll have ever seen.
Not only does the massive bouncer look spectacular, it really does have something for everyone within its four walls of fun.

They’ve got basketball hoops for those big-air slam-dunks, climbing towers that reach to the sky, a giant slide that takes you outside the main structure and lands you into a ball-pit, over-sized couches and chairs for you to chill on and even a 20ft tall, multi coloured rabbit for you to climb inside and get up close and personal with.

At the heart of it all, performing from a stage at the very center of the Big Bounce structure, is our resident DJ/MC. Because while this is definitely a great, energy-burning activity, we also wanted to make it a great party that EVERYONE can enjoy.

Your experience will play out to a soundtrack carefully curated by our DJ featuring a perfect blend of current club anthems alongside some of the biggest and bounciest throwbacks.
Party-games, interactive fun, confetti blasts and competitions with free giveaways will all be central to the entertainment provided.
Ever taken part in a dodge-ball competition on a 10,000 square foot bounce house?
Well here is your chance to!

Check out the fun on our YouTube! 

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