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Terms & Conditions


Agreement to work with , submission of a booking request and payment of the required deposit establishes an agreement to Front Row Entertainment (referred to as ‘FR’ in this document) terms and conditions.


‘The client’ must agree to pay a non negotiable deposit which will come off the total quoted amount before the confirmation of any of FR’s services are confirmed and locked in. A Bond may also be required on particular hire items which will always be discussed with clients prior to confirming any bookings. The remaining balance after the deposit has been received must be paid within the terms of the state stated on the invoice. The booking deposit is non-refundable unless FR is accountable for the cancellation of a booking.

If ‘The Client’ has a change of mind the deposit is non- refundable. Front Row Entertainment strives to always provide a service that meets and exceeds our clients needs and expectations every time, but after booking of a service or services has been locked in and confirmed, if the client has a ‘change of mind’, the initial deposit is non- refundable.

All invoices outstanding after 14 days will incur a 20% late fee added on top of the outstanding balance and will be lodged with a debt collector whose fees will be paid for at the clients expense. If you are having any troubles with paying your outstanding invoice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as this becomes aware to you prior to your invoices due date, so we are able to work with you to find a solution that works for you for your business.


After all events, our photographers will do a double backup of all images BEFORE and AFTER the images have been edited. The final edited images will be uploaded to Dropbox for 6 months.

If the client happens to loose their Dropbox link WITHIN the 6 months that it is online and requires a new link, they are able to send us an email and we can re-link them to the image album. If the client requires a link to an image album which has been ARCHIVED after a 6 month period, there will be an additional fee to unarchive and re- upload these images for an additional 6 months.